Thursday, April 30, 2009

- EnviE pt1 -

There’s a new hotspot in town, as I speak, I’m beginning to miss going back in. This time not far from other night scenes, in Changkat Bukit Bintang a new lounge/bar/club has open its door for customers to enjoy its new French chic style in the form of Envie.

Inspired by the French’s passion for music, art, and love of life, Envie embodies a comfortable elegance where guests are always welcomed to enjoy the company of their friends in their own chic style

It’s the sort of place where you could lounge around, or light up the dance floor if you feel like dancing – literally. They have the funkiest dance floor in Asia at the moment

Its décor speaks highly of its exquisite taste for art, and interior made to impress. The décor was heavily inspired by French renaissance art to contrast with its light pink exterior

Inside, a sharp contrast of black, gold, and pink is a statement of boldness that comes with chic quality and elegance

Envie’s stars of the bar (amongst a vast choice of beverage) are the 7 Deadly Sins cocktails, which are Envy, Wrath, Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, and Pride.

Ingeniously concocted from fresh fruit and spirits by our mixologist, the 7 Deadly Sins are a refreshing taste for drinkers, including those whose tongues are alcohol-sensitive

Lightspace® Corporation merges cutting edge products with the excitement of software driven entertainment to create a revolutionary, interactive and engaging way for people of all ages to play, dance, design, get fit and above all, have fun

Where the dance floor ligths up with different shapes and colors everytime you step on it. With vibrant colors, it never fails to shine

Every step every color

One of the most unique dance floor ever

Could be said as the most energetic

For bloggers and medias who attend the launch, received a goodie bag which for girls, consist of a g-string while for guys a t-shirt

- jo-renee-josh -

- the entrance of Envie -

- the designs are all well likable -

- even for its chandilier -

- or its table lamp -

- till thn, stay tuned -
-cheers all, drop by envie and be surprised -

Friday, April 24, 2009

SooMei&Desmond partIII

- the final part of the wedding pictures -
- cheers all -

- thats all for a happy marriage -
- cheers all -

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

- Envie launch -

- theres a new lounge in KL city -
- with the recent launch of a lounge called Envie -
- KL city will be even much more better -
- here are some picts before other uploads and updates -
- cheers all -

- entrance of Envie -

- first touch dance floor -

- with latest technology, every step u make, it ll light up with diff colors -
- aLvin_lgk -