Thursday, October 30, 2008

- HFactor -

Join Hannah Tan, Hans Isaac, Harith Iskander, Serena C and Reymee of Innuendo in pioneering the first nationwide creative youth workshop to promote the positive development of creative talent among the Malaysia's pop-culture society.

This community service initiative spearheaded by Hannah Tan, this 'H' Factor Nationwide Creative Youth Workshop campaign aims to cultivate a sense of positivity among the Malaysian pop-culture community.

It's basically a workshop about creative talent and entertainment, scounting and coaching young talents to venture into the entertainment circle, and how to penetrate into this industry.

However there's a minimal administration fee of RM30(Non-Taylorian), breakfast and lunch provided.

*RM20 for students from Taylor's College - registrating through Audrey*

This workshop will be happening on the 2nd of November.

Date: 2nd November 2008 (Sunday)
Venue: Best Western Premier Seri Pacific Hotel.
Time: 10am - approx. 7pm

For registration: Call Audrey - 016 - 630 - 8066

For more information:

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Have you ever...............?

Have you ever………
- lost something and it seems very important to you
o I have, but it seems that you have to cope it with it, losing something, gain something in future
- Wished you were dead and everyone could live better?
o I have, but somehow, aren’t you being selfish? Live on with it, tomorrow may be a better day
- Get scolding or diu for something which isn’t you fault but seem like your fault?
o I did, I took it as it came, forgive and forget as they say, it’ll die down soon
- Think that forgive and forget is easy to say, but did you do it?
o I didn’t but somehow it’ll die down on its own, no point anger for something which wastes your time
- Wished that someone was dead because you hated that someone so much?
o I did, and someone is gone now
- Wished for something nice but it didn’t come true, but you wished something nasty it did?
o I had, but never stop dreaming, it might come true, as they say; be careful of what you wished for, you might get it all
Have you ever…………
- Loved someone badly but they turn you down?
o I had, stand up and go on
- Wished you could turn back in time to say the three words again?
o I had, but sadly you cant turn back time, appreciate now
- Hurt someone so badly, till you yourself feel bad?
o I did, I tried and will try to ask for forgiveness, being friends are much better than enemies
- Someone hurt you so bad that you wanna smack that person hard and hate that someone?
o I had
- Someone rejects you after long time of hard work?
o I had, but what to do? Its their decision, respect it
- Wished you could be with someone?
o I do
- Wished you could be with someone again?
o I hoped
Have you ever……….
- Wished you were richer?
o I did, but its your hard work now that pays off in future
- Had extra money to spend?
o Stop spending
- Hated your parents so much that you said you hated them or want them to be gone?
o I did, but in life, they nourished you for years, provide shelter over your head, food on the table, given you money in your account. Love them and tell them before you realized it’s just too late.
- Got into an accident which you hoped that it never happens?
o Its all fated, work with it
Have you ever……….
- Had an enemy or nemesis back in younger days, high school or now?
o I did, like I’ve mentioned, friends are better than enemies.
- Been alone?
o It sucks I know
- Looked happy on the outside but on the inside you’re not?
o Others don’t want to see you unhappy, what else can you do?
- Had this situation where, you have tons (600+) ahem… of friends in FB and tons (500+) ahem…. of friends in MSN or many social friends, but somehow no one seems to cares when you’re alone. When you need someone to turn to, no one’s there. Someone to share something, but it’s all in vain? Even when you put that you needed help on you PM?
o I had, yet its life, we live we fall, maybe everyone’s busy, everyone have their life to take care of, be a man, do the right thing. Everything comes and go, you can’t expect everyone to be there asking you 24/7 how are you? Ok not? And sorts… but happily I have friends who do care. And I’ proud of it.

- It’s all about have you ever…
- Have you ever do your part to change your own life? Or do something bout it?
- Have you ever will always be there, its how you shape it.

Have you ever………..

Ps/ : sorry if this seems emo, but somehow I post what I think... lols
: Currently is not updated, as I published my work on facebook